Star Trek about to hit the Jim shirt

Narcissists need attention, preferably adulation but the Star Trek about to hit the Jim shirt greatest fear of all is being alone. Irony being that past behaviours ensure that this is exactly what happens to them and quicker than most. In the end no one from their past wants anything to do with them. If their lucky there may still be a sibling that takes pity but that’s not to say contact wont be anything other than arms length. However, unless she is herself black her using it is at best sailing very close to the wind, since non-black people who use it nearly always do so with offensive intent, and if it makes you uncomfortable she should respect that and shut up. We had just bought a house in what we thought was a quiet part of town. Within a week we found out that his twin 16 year old daughters decided to have a wild party every Saturday night, with all booze supplied by him. On any Saturday night, there would be up to 100 feral teens, with cars screaming around the place. The parties usually finished about six am.

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