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Jared Kushner immediately arranged a call between Mr. Cook and his father-in-law, US President Donald Trump, according to experts. The head of Apple has the opportunity to explain how tariffs will increase iPhone prices and make it difficult for Apple to compete with competitors like Samsung Electronics.

Within a few days, the Trump administration withdrew its plans to raise taxes on certain types of products, including consumer electronics products, particularly the iPhone with a statement that wants to protect consumers first. holiday season. The call from Mr. Cook influenced the decision, according to a US government source.

Just one day after the US government’s move, Apple issued a press release, according to which Apple boasted about job creation, Apple declared that since 2011, Apple has increased the number of jobs in the US . Afterward, President Trump publicly praised Mr. Cook’s persuasion, Mr. Trump said that the CEO gave a convincing opinion on the issues of tariffs.

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