The Best Graphic T-Shirts For Men 23/09/2020 We need to make this real

But in truth you can’t pick out individual contradictions between cultures – different cultures are apples and oranges on a grand scale. The Best Graphic T-Shirts For Men 23/09/2020 We need to make this real I think Chinese people have a good understanding of this – they accept foreigners have a different way of thinking because of a different education. They might not agree but they live and let live, which speaks volumes when you look at how the west has been colonialist and sought to force their culture on others they deemed “uncivilised”, whereas the Chinese have been staunchly anti-imperialist – “we don’t want your governance, but we won’t force ours on you either”. That includes respecting that Muslims don’t eat pork and wait for their religious leaders to slaughter animals, even if most people don’t practice these values.

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