The Nightmare before Christmas characters Friends chibi shirt

The Nightmare before Christmas characters Friends chibi shirt

I am pretty sure that most of the people have experienced Train Journey at least once in life. It will be easier to understand then. Lets trace out the whole journey with laying emphasis on every small incident. People arrive at different stations in our bogie,near to our berth. It is similar to people who enter in our lives.We get to know our family, friends, schoolmates, college mates, colleagues, People for whom our heart skips a beat,people who make us upset, Angry and yes…the list goes on. Out of these people few make a deep impression in our heart,few don’t impress us at all. With few we wish to spend our whole life, for few we have a cold fist ready. But point to be noted is that these people are just like the fellow passengers who have boarded from different stations.They can either have the same destination as ours or different. We don’t have any say in it. It might happen that people who had a deep impact on our heart had to get off the train as their destination arrives. Or it can be other way around that they can have the same destination as ours and they can be with us till the end.

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The Nightmare before Christmas characters Friends chibi shirt

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We often lose our close ones, these close ones are no one but the fellow passengers who started the journey with us but had different destination. All we can do is cherish the moment spent with them. As we have no say in their leaving the train similarly we have no say in their Death. Friends, family, spouse, etc everyone in our life are like the passengers who come to our bogie. Few close to heart, few not. Few can be with us till the end and few cannot. And yes it might happen that even we cannot reach our destination and others will. That will be our death. So always remember that this journey can be either long or short. All you need to do is build beautiful memories with the fellow passengers so that once you are about to reach your destination you don’t feel that the Journey was boring. Honestly what does normal mean to you? From the perspective of an average american China is not normal. They individually do not have a say in how they are run and the party has direct control over their government even down to the local level with mayors and other local political members. We are so used to the idea of choosing who we want in charge of us even if it does not work out that way sometimes. We are used to having a voice and having the idea that public opinion will decide what direction we want to go in. But in China that is usually not the case, they are chosen on ability and on experience in government, even for low level positions. So to America this is the farthest from normal that they can get; america’s understanding is that China has the party rule over all with the peoples opinions disregarded.

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