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It’s during the Mac miller tommy 1d shirt In addition,I will do this film’s third act that Cassie’s above-neck theatrics reach a fever pitch. She attends a bachelor party dressed as a candy striper with cartoonish makeup and colorful, acid-bright hair. “It’s a bit of The Joker reigning mayhem,” says hairstylist Daniel Curet, who worked to bring Fennell’s vision for this scene to life by splicing two different candy-colored fantasy wigs together to achieve the right mix of fringe, texture, and colors. To add a certain grittiness, he razored out the ends and used Ouai’s Wave Spray to add some sticky hold and spike to the ends. Inspired by what Cassie would be doing in that scene, Wells created a blowup doll–inspired “wide-eyed, full-lipped” makeup look, playing up the “sad eyeliner” by layering on metallic blue eyeliner, double stacking falsies on the upper and lower lashes, and then overlining the lips to Joker-like effect with MAC Retro Matte lipstick in All Fired Up. “She’s spiraling,” emphasizes Wells. “It’s not supposed to be pretty.”

Mac miller tommy 1d shirt

From a beauty perspective, Promising Young Woman doesn’t just use the Mac miller tommy 1d shirt In addition,I will do this power of presentation in storytelling, charting the sea changes of a character in a palpable, visually stirring way, but it also provides provocative commentary on the sinister trap of the male gaze. At its most playful, this manifests in the “Blow Job Lips Makeup Tutorial” (featuring a cameo from Fennel as a beauty influencer) that Cassie watches to create a glossy, cherry red lip. Then, there’s the scene in which Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays a self-proclaimed “nice guy” named Neil and tells Cassie how pretty she is before mansplaining what would make her most attractive to him.

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