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“My husband and I are both South Asian, and we both grew up in environments where we were often the All I Want For Christmas Is Books Shirt and I love this only—or one of the few—people of color in our schools,” recalls Raman, adding, “I love that my children will grow up never feeling unwelcome here or like they’re not Angelenos because of the color of their skin or because of their origins.”“I feel a sense of power that I didn’t have in America before,” says Raman of her run. “Of course, a win would deepen that for so many reasons. But even as a candidate, seeing how many young women of color, how many mothers have said to me specifically, ‘We see ourselves reflected in you’—that has been so moving and powerful.”Whether Raman wins or not, her presence has already been deeply felt in one of the country’s largest municipal governments. That a progressive, nontraditional candidate like Raman could come within a few points of winning the March primary speaks volumes about the power of grassroots, issue-focused activism in taking on the City Hall establishment. L.A. Magazine recently called the race between Raman and Ryu “a glimpse at the future of L.A. politics,” and it’s possible Raman’s campaign will inspire other Angelenos—women of color in particular—to address the problems they see at work in their own communities.

All I Want For Christmas Is Books Shirt

Fashion week, again? The official dates of the All I Want For Christmas Is Books Shirt and I love this spring 2021 shows came to a close in early October, but look books and livestreams have continued to trickle in from Raf Simons, Michael Kors, Celine, and more, extending what was once a concise four-week exercise into a months-long event. That begs the question: Are we really going to do this all again in January, when the menswear shows typically start in London and wrap up mid-month in Paris? With the virus seeing a resurgence across Europe, some brands with both women’s and men’s might not have the resources to show a new collection so soon to finishing their last one. The British Fashion Council (BFC) has proposed an alternative. The governing body of London Fashion Week is officially merging its menswear collections into its womenswear shows, creating a genderless fashion week that will run from February 19 to 23, 2021. The schedule is presumed to be mostly digital, however the BFC notes there will be select in-person events, and it will continue to be genderless for the rest of 2021, with shows scheduled for June 11 to 14 and September 17 to 21.

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