Things Rick Astley will never do all of the above shirt

Things Rick Astley will never do all of the above shirt

Foreigners coming into China are often amazed by the hospitality of Chinese people. Total strangers can get invited to Chinese homes to have dinner with them. Sounds strange, heh? Well, it is due to CCP propaganda ephorizing the West. In the mind of Chinese, west is like this heaven on earth where people have freedom, money, as well as highly educated and well behaved. But guess what? Chinese gradually found out that foreigners in China commit more crimes than Chinese. Not only they commit more crimes, punishment for foreign perpetrators are lighter than Chinese would have gotten. In addition, crimes involving foreign victims are solved preferentially. We all heard stories that foreigner’s “lost” items were found. Do you know this story will never happen to a Chinese? Foreigners are treated preferentially in other areas too, such as foreign students having much lower academic standard to be admitted to elite universities in China. Once they get in, their housing arrangement is much better than Chinese student too. If you watch carefully, especially in social media, Chinese begin a backlash against foreigners. This has presented a problem for Chinese government who wants to impress foreigners with China’s greatness. Therefore police has been instructed to treat all people equally, same punishment for same crime, no more preferential treatment of foreigner victims.

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Things Rick Astley will never do all of the above shirt

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Therefore, crimes such as those targeting specifically foreigners will be shelved for awhile just to show the public that police has turned around. Police, as the symbol of state power, can no longer afford to be seen as pandering to foreigners. There has been an incredible number of tea houses that have come up in India during the past couple of years. Chaayos, Infinitea, Chai Point, Chaipatty, Nukkad are just some of these. Being a part of the tea industry, I can say for sure that more such outlets will come up given the immense size of an untapped market. It is in fact surprising that in a country where tea holds such high importance, tea cafes or teafes (as some like to call them) took so long to come up. And it is not just about tea houses. A number of companies are now selling tea online. The proposition that they give is authentic and fresh tea, which is quite a rarity in India. Established brands like Tetley or Organic India have not provided consumers with the quality that is actually produced in the country. They sell mostly lower quality produce, and in the process severely affect the perception people have towards tea.

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