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It remains unclear what age will be selected as the youngest for administration of the vaccine, but, besides hepatitis B, most vaccines aren’t ever even offered to infants under two months. “Since newborns are at higher risk for bacterial illness, it can be difficult to sort fever requiring a workup from fever due to the vaccine,” says Fradin. “But if mothers are vaccinated or immune, the antibodies shared through the placenta will provide partial protection to the infant up to six months of age in addition to antibodies shared by breastfeeding.” Even with children who are older, the cocooning effect of vaccinated parents and caregivers offers some insulation against the virus. Though, as Fradin points out, older children also tend to be in contact (through school, activities, etc.) with more children who may not be able to be vaccinated yet. Protection increases with the number of people around them who are vaccinated, adds Fradin. “Cocooning is more dependent on vaccine uptake amongst all the adults in a community.”

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