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Voodoo doll how to use a face mask nope nope nope Face Mask Washable

And what about people who take everything in balance or moderation? What if such a person eats healthy vegetables and fats in moderation? If I had to answer with one of these choices I would pick the person eating everything in moderation, but that could still not be a great way to live based on what a persons interpretation of that is. Maybe it’s time to do away with all labels and everybody just eat the worlds best foods. Then everybody could live longer and feel better and be thinner and life could be more simple. Other conditions being equal means that calories, carbs and fats are kept about the same. Meat eaters tend to eat more protein, with an high content of leucine. This is a factor which tends to overamplify the mTOR complex activity. mTOr protein triggers a metabolic cascade which, as a whole, tends to quicken ageing, being favourable to proliferation and growth and unfavourable to manteinance and repair. The creator of the film wasn’t plant based before hand… until he did the research and used it to recover from a serious injury, so yeah, I guess you can say it is… but simply because it works! I totally relate because 8 years ago I was so sick, yet doctors had no clue how to fix my issues, only dole out pills to treat symptoms. The research was there but it was hidden, and in my case at the time, thanks to the movie “Forks Over Knives”, I was able to delve into the amazing topic of evidence based nutrition and eventually resolve all my issues, including diabetes, RA, severe stomach issues, fibromyalgia, and obesity that dogged me most of my life.

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There are tons of opinions out there, but you know what they say about those. Kudos to the movie because the truth needs to be made public, but there is just too much profit in sickness all around… from the food industry that makes and sells the food products making us sick, to the various medical, pharmaceutical, insurance, clinics, and slew of other associations out there who get rich off our poor health. It was great to see a movie encouraging a whole food plant based diet as an optimal choice for performance and prevention… so sickness doesn’t set in… but it can often treat and even reverse it in anyone of any age! I am so sick of seeing the ignorant dissenters spouting “vegan agenda” about this film or anything related to not eating dead animals. Most of us went plant based for very good reasons, giving up some of the foods we had eaten all our lives to improve our health, not to become the target of avowed meatheads trying to absolve their cognitive dissonance. The diet itself is not just fruits and veggies. The optimal diet for any human, regardless of who they are, is actually fruits, veggies, and nuts primarily, and legumes and seeds can be added. Flesh, dairy and eggs are not only immoral for humans to consume, as explained in the above link, but are toxic to the human body (Vegans don’t consume honey only because by doing so we are harming bees, but that in and of itself is the best reason not to consume any animal substances). Grains are not really anywhere near as harmful to humans unless processed, but are not part of our optimal diet, and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary if you’re going for optimal health. When I talk about people eating grains like pasta, bread etc. it’s mainly for those who are finding it difficult to transition to a Vegan diet at that time, and who should later stop consuming grains altogether. However, some people have a condition called Celiac, and those people would do well to avoid wheat gluten altogether.

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