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In lockdown, sanity walks became a lifeline for many, offering fresh air, an excuse to get moving, and most importantly, a break from internal chaos. During this tumultuous time, do not underestimate the Shut Up Five Shirt but in fact I love this benefits a quick stroll outside can offer, including improving mental clarity, boosting your mood, and helping release tension—particularity if you have proximity to nature. According to a recent study, walking in nature was found to reduce ruminating over negative experiences.

Shut Up Five Shirt

Of course, at a time like this, being told to “just breathe” can feel insultingly simple. But to gather your thoughts and cleanse your mind, breathwork, an active meditation that involves guided breath, pulled in and out of the Shut Up Five Shirt but in fact I love this mouth for extended intervals, has been shown to reduce levels of stress hormones and soothe the nervous system. According to Los Angeles–based meditation coach Light Watkins, if you’re anxious or overwhelmed, sitting down and taking 10 deep breaths over a period of two to three minutes will create a noticeable shift in your state of consciousness.

Shut Up Five Shirt Hoodie

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