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Walking Dead Cobra Strike Shirt

walking dead cobra strike Shirt
walking dead cobra strike Shirt

This episode had me feeling bipolar I was bawling when Carl got shot thought he was dead, then sobbing when Glenn got surrounded then chearing when Sasha an Abraham saved Glenn omg walking dead this season is going to be intense  I was like about time Carl loses his eye. Thought Sasha and Abraham were going to bite the Walking Dead Cobra Strike Shirt considering in the comic Abraham is dead and Sasha doesn’t exist. Oh and let’s not forget yet another scare for Glenn. Way to luck yourself out there. Oh and way to go for father Gabriel for finally be helpful for once. When Carl lifts his head says ‘dad?’ And you see the wound, truly creepy. My heart almost sank but when Rick picked him up and started running I was like ‘no he can survive that’ glad I was right (I’ve not read the comics so I have no foreknowledge) but that scene was really creepy and outstandingly done.

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The biggest shock of the episode by far. I thought they would do it and damn they did it. And holy crap it looked real! Chris Hardwick, you forgot to mention that Walking Dead Cobra Strike Shirt also nutted up not just Gabriel and Morgan, still not sure about Morgan, he knows the dead are a danger. Gabriel was inspiring for a change! I was beginning to lose interest after those last 8 episodes but now faith is restored! That episode was awesome. That shot towards the end with everyone killing walkers was cool.  I total surprise to have this happen to Carl for those of us who haven’t read the comics. I also saw my first young child Walker, from the back, in last night’s episode. Great write-up about this season in TV Guide. We are again worried about losing Glenn.  I loved the whole episode…so glad the motorcycle gang was blown to little bits. Carl’s make-up job was marvelous, the only thing that bothered me was how they had gathered together in conversation and the walkers did not notice…huh? I still enjoyed the episode and glad to see that Maggie knows that Glenn is alive. I did not see it coming when Daryl blasted those bikers; I had completely forgotten about that rocket launcher.

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