Weirdest year in history vote 2020 life is good shirt

Weirdest year in history vote 2020 life is good shirt

H. Ross Perot built the company EDS, an outsourcing company that provided computing services to companies that did not have computers of their own. He built the business from a trunk full of punch-cards that he drove from data center to data center in the 1950s, into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, that he sold to G.M. in 1984 for 2 billion dollars. Part of the deal was that Perot would retain a seat on the G.M. board, and there was a relatively short non-compete agreement. Once the non-compete expired, his contract was so iron-clad, and Perot so contrarian, that G.M. was forced to pay him another billion dollars to resign his seat only a few years later, but even then the non-compete was not extended, and Perot was free to poach his best staff back to start up in competition to his former company – in 2009 that new company was sold to Dell for almost 4 billion dollars. Basically Perot’s “loopholes” almost quadrupled the money he made from the original deal. The lesson from granddad was to never make the mistake of believing a contract represented your understanding of the deal you thought you made, and that it was better to be a Perot than a G.M. I don’t know if it is available online, but EDS used to produce a comic book version of their history, from the early days when it was a one man show, and his organisation of the rescue of the Iranian hostages – according to the comic, when he gathered his staff and asked for volunteers who were single men, with no families, and with military experience, for a dangerous but unspecified mission, 100% of his employees put their hands up, giving you some idea of the corporate mindset in those days.

Weirdest year in history vote 2020 life is good shirt

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Throughout his life as emperor, he himself was personally against the death penalty and never imposed it, except in his earlier years when other officials demanded the execution for individuals accused of treason. He was also a vegan emperor who also saw it as sacrilege to his Buddhist teachings to portray animals in drawing or painting, or to use any sort of animal fabric, including clothing. Therefore, one of the emperor’s few executions in his 47 years as emperor was allegedly the result of his being too entranced in a game of GO to notice his immediate surrounding. Part of what makes it a conspiracy is that it started off as a secret plan, for what to do with the Jews. Some background: There was a conference in Evian where the Germans asked if other countries would be willing to take their “foreigners.” No one was willing to. The next German plan was to ship all of the Jews to Madagascar. In the meantime, the British had imposed a naval blockade — and it is during the ensuing anarchy in eastern Europe, as a result of this blockade, that many people were killed, including my great-grandfather and his family. But that was not the Holocaust. It is only after the blockade that the Holocaust was planned, and then put into practice. In Russia, it included einsatzgruppen — bands of specially trained SS murderers to go through the countryside and enlist the local people to perpetrate murders. My relatives in Odessa died in Babi Yar – one of these famous massacres.

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