Witchy woman scary skull Halloween shirt

Witchy woman scary skull Halloween shirt

There are many great locations for diving in the world. In fact, you can dive anywhere with water body that is deep enough (pool, anyone?). Divers tend to love travel to new locations faraway to discover a total different life underwater. A great dive depends on many factors. Some of them are external such as: visibility, water temperature, current and weather conditions. It is good to dive there, actually is necessary, but it depends on the subjectivity of the mind whether it’s going to determine if it is wise or not to enter alone; and when I say alone I mean figuratively without guidance, like a psychologist, or any expert. Anyway, I don’t think that’s a common conscious practice of people because they don’t know much of what it is and how it works. If they don’t know what it is and how it works, there is not much that they can access from the unconscious, and practically they are harmless to themselves. If you know a little bit of the unconscious and you don’t have any expert to guide you, be careful, yes you can repair many things of your mind but you can also damage others. In my experience, I tried to tackle the activation of my self-awareness, that’s to say, I made efforts to be self-aware most of the time and aware of any detail (like a word, the climate, food, etc.) that could change my status (intellectually, emotionally and sensitively). As you may know, self-awareness is an ability processed in one area of the brain (the pre-frontal cortex) and the brain is always trying to save energy, that’s why when you remain in a somewhat challenging activity for more than 90 minutes your brain starts to resent it.

Witchy woman scary skull Halloween shirt

Charlie Brown if I can’t bring my dog I’m not going shirt

Willie Nelson I willie love Christmas shirt

Wild Bobby well Happy Birthday Jesus sorry your party’s so lame ugly Christmas shirt

Tupac Shakur ain’t nothin’ but a Christmas party ugly shirt

Thurman Merman Hey Santa can I fix you some sandwiches ugly Christmas shirt

There is no Santa kids daddy gets the present merry Christmas the enemy ugly shirt

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So that brought some kind of weird stress to my body which caused psychosomatic discomfort leading to some sort of hypochondria (with negative thoughts and nocebos). Fortunately, after 3 years of this psychological problem, I’ve finally learned to let go (because of this logic that I’ve been learning over the time) of the roots of this pattern that I naively made to myself. I started a serious study of Western astrology as a result of having to give the Epiphany Sunday sermon at church. Epiphany Sunday is the 1st Sunday after Christmas and it celebrates the New Testament story of the Magi finding Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in that stable in Bethlehem. It is a unique tale in the synoptic gospels and thus it is a curiosity that needs to be explained. My theological studies had prepared me to read 1st Century Neo-Platonic thinkers like Plotinus, so Hellenistic astrology studies were right up my metaphysical alley. Project Hindsight and the fine work of Robert Hand led me to ASTRODIENST and a bunch of highly educated European astrologers. Those studies led me to the East and Vedic studies. I have a philosophical bent and an ethical nature that would never allow me to practice astrology as a paying profession. My obsession might just be because I have a Yod configuration joining Leo Pluto in the 10th House with Libra Neptune in the 12th based in my 5th House Jupiter conjunct Rahu (Guru Chandal aspect) in Pisces. If you are going to have a mystical obsession that set-up is a prime suspect.

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