xayahshirt-No bike no life shirt

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age So we talking china, or India because north America has vast land swabs, and takes days if not a week to cross, so how about we stop pandering and ask It I can teericaeally important, as I see it. This is the xayahshirt-No bike no life shirt time to be alive and to think otherwise is blatant willful ignorance. @Shane d This comment is such a mess I truly can’t e

No bike no life shirt

xayahshirt-No bike no life shirt

ven begin to think of a concise way to reply to it. First of all I don’t understand how cars and mobile phones come from ideology but ok. Second, I would not say freedom of creeds and religions is at all something one should call an aspect the xayahshirt-No bike no life shirt  of western ideology when western history is rife with instances of conflict over precisely those two things. Finally, why are we even talking about this at all? I haven’t finish


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