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That scene was a crucial test of sorts, setting the Official Schitts Creek Shirt in addition I really love this tone for the challenge from Theron’s 6,000-year-old warrior to Layne’s rookie who will join her group of immortals in saving the world, and cementing a bond between the two female lead characters, Andy (Theron) and Nile (Layne). “It’s not just about kickass stuff and shooting; this is character work inseparable from the story. And in this genre where women get left out of the conversation, we energized each other,” 28-year-old Layne says of Theron’s work ethic. Her own approach to the physical work was no less honors-student. “To see her going at it 100% full force? That’s absolutely what I had to bring to the table. I had to match that energy.”

Official Schitts Creek Shirt

Layne lacked what she calls “a legit athletic background,” or even a regular gym habit. The actor, who was born and raised in Cincinnati, ran around as a child with her brothers and cousins, but that’s it. At Chicago’s DePaul University, the Official Schitts Creek Shirt in addition I really love this 2014 graduate focused on her drama major (“I was artsy”) and can’t recall how much time passed between infrequent sessions on the elliptical machine, settling on a time frame of once in a while. When she did hit the gym, it had nothing to do with weight or body image. “I never weigh myself,’ she says. “I just [work out] to feel better.”

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