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It’s my impossible but joyful job to be on top of culture, to be consuming everything and anything, to be out there in the Official From Marino To Tua Shirt and I love this world, engaged! It’s also my job to keep three small humans (ages six, four, and two) alive, to look after their social and emotional development, to make sure I don’t mess them up worse than Philip Larkin has already informed me I will. The latter makes the former very hard. So when I haven’t had time to read the latest novel or see the latest play, I turn to my kids for inspiration and material. I figure people can relate.

Official From Marino To Tua Shirt

There is no sector of society that the Official From Marino To Tua Shirt and I love this COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t touched, but teachers have been hit especially hard. With schools closing their doors, many have been transitioning from classrooms to remote-learning sessions, finding innovative ways to engage with their pupils. Like all parents, Reese Witherspoon has been in awe of their efforts and wanted to do something to give back. Her fashion line, Draper James, has been a source for preppy-chic officewear since Witherspoon founded it in 2015. And the brand’s latest initiative puts dresses in the hands of educators. Starting today, teachers can register on the Draper James website to receive free dresses as a small thank-you for their tireless work.

Official From Marino To Tua Shirt hoodie

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